Monday, January 4, 2010


Its really nice being here and being friends with these TPians. They are really nice. At first, I was hesitant to join their world. It was like the mods are strict and the members have their own friends.

I was wrong.

We just don't talk on topics posted there but anything under the sun...skincare, love life, experiences, parental guidance (wink!) and as well as fashion. so much fun. :)

if you wish to join feel free to visit

Von (nvtellan)
~thank you so much. You are my closest friend in TP. I like you because you were there when I need a someone to talk to. aww! haha.

Jasmine (Jasmine)
~thanks for the chikahan moments sis. I'm enjoying it and thank you for being so nice to me.

Jerico (solidus37)
~thank you also for supporting me to make this blog possible. I like you because you're like nvtellan you were there also when i need someone to talk to but you are much and more serious when you are talking to me. haha. :))

~thank you for supporting me also to make this blog and instructions plus answering my questions.

~thank you for answering my questions about how to make this blog. hehe. :)

and to all the members whom I'm thankful too, THANK YOU!

Love Lots,

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