Saturday, February 6, 2010

Multiply and Online Shopping

I always love online shopping at From beauty products to fab clothes, I always browse items to my sisters' shop and ask for some suggestions and what I like about this is you can make friends with them. I enjoy buying items which are more affordable and more effective than those products which are sold in the market.

It's really easy for people like me who are busy. You will just text/mail the seller for your orders (sometimes you have to fill up the order form to complete the transaction), ask for your bill, send the money and they will send the items to your address and taadaah! your item is there. easy. :)

But recently my happy online window shopping turned bad. Multiply got so slow that even the images are not loading. It takes 10-15 minutes to load the page of the shop.

I got bored and I gave myself a break at online buying. I just thought multiply is under construction or my internet connection has a problem or whatever. But when I got back, same. slow. so slow. really slow. made me sad.

Luckily, I have my contact numbers of my dearest sisters so i can still make an order to them. :)

Hope this problem will be resolve. Soon.

Lather Up with these Soaps

Soaps are part of our beauty regimen whether it's for whitening purposes, moisturizing, exfoliating or to make the skin glowing.

People can get wildly creative in making different designs of soaps.There are some cute soaps that are ideal for gifts which you can purchase online.

These soaps inspire me to take longer and longer hours in shower room. haha.

See the pictures and lather up! :)