Wednesday, December 30, 2009

your PRINCE charming? Think about it.


A lot of us are having a hard time to find our price charmings. EVERYONE wants something special but sooner or later on its turns to be SIMPLE.

So is this guy is on your checklist?

1. intelligent
2. kind
3. gentleman
4. has a car
5. (last but not the least) handsome

almost perfect huh? that kind of guy? sorry sisters but that creature doesn't exist.. or if he would be born this day or maybe tomorrow, for sure when he reach his puberty age it will be exact also on your menopausal stage. Haha. :))

or let's say you meet a guy like that?

wow! your an instant princess in no time!

but what if he doesn't have any time for you?
but what if he shows no effort?

are you still willing to be with your prince charming?


or maybe yes. (if your after to his gifts)

How would we define happiness with a SIMPLE guy?

he has the effort.
he has the time.

much PERFECT eh?

a guy you could bring home and meet the package.
meet your inner self.

someone who can stand malling with you

BUT LOOKING AT OTHER GIRLS while your with him?

or worst

TEXTING OTHER GIRLS (secretly) behind your back?



CURLY is beautiful

I wrote this because i believe that there's a need to break the subjective discrimination among curly-haired women like me..

who says being curly holds back you of feeling beautiful?

I am a victim of shampoo commercials that is telling me that you-have-to-be-straight-to-be-beautiful. I've been through lots of treatments just to straighten up my hair and OH MY GAHD it was a mess. My hair became dry and mahangin-ba-sa-labas effect. Haha. It was really a nightmare. Out of desperation i bought lots of straightening iron to fix it and what? i ended up burning my hair, making it look more uhm.. horrible?

Those days are now over.

I promised to myself not to be "hypnotized and deceived" again by these commercials. I accepted the fact as it is...curly! and man! i love it.. shame on me!

whether we like it or not, our society has put "standards" when it comes to physical appearance of women. straight-hair is acceptable and curly hair is almost rejected. Why? Let me give you an example as my personal experience....

1. I went to a salon and have my hair cut but i only got insulted.

Bakla: papagupit ka? anong gupit gusto mo? (the he remove my clip)

URICE: Opo. kayo na po bahala kung anong gupit. :)

Bakla: kahit ano namang igupit mo sa buhok mo panget pa din kasi kulot.

URICE: bawas lang naman po. kahit mga 5 inches. (the tail of my hair is almost at my waistline that time)

Bakla: hay naku neng, magparebond ka na lang para lumabas yang tago mong ganda.

2. my classmate when i was in highschool gave me a set of comb with brush and clips plus there's a note telling me that "those combs are for your hair. minsan kasi buhaghag buhok mo"

i don't need to comb my hair, its already fixed and it's not buhaghag it's just CURLY!! haha.

3. a lot of people are associating curly haired women to our ITAs and NEGRITOS. what's the problem? what?!

4. i once had a crush when i was in high school and he ignored me because "i am curly" and he likes my other friend more; straight haired.

"Look at me now boy, I aint gonna change myself for ya" (with a black woman's accent) hahaha :))

etsetera etsetera.
Don't get me wrong, this entry is not to unleash my childhood angst. hehehe

anyway, i hope you get my point. For all the curly-haired women out there, being curly is not the so called standard of being beautiful. It's about how you carry yourself. your confidence.

Curly defines what true "beautiful" is. You don't need to comb it because it intricately curls up by itself, giving you a rich and sophisticated locks everyday.What about that girl? Isn't that a divine gift? You don't have to undergo lavish hair treatments to straighten your hair because whats yours is already a unique crown of glory.