Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Men's Opinion on Make Up

A recent study about make up concluded that men don't like lots of makeup on a girl's face. On the list are Lipstick on the teeth, too much blush, (looks like a clown) thick foundation and "panda eyes" whatever that means.

And, one out of five men would prefer to tone down their (minute per minute) applications, and one in 10 prefer no makeup at all as in bare skin.

The results aren't convincing enough, especially most guys have no idea how much makeup a "no makeup" look can require. But does it count, anyway?

Makeup is a personal choice for us, and however much or little you wear in your personal life is really all up to you. I've asked few of my guy friends what they think about this makeup issue; some of them wants more makeup, wear less, cut your hair like this and that, grow your hair, on and on - while I'm open to feedbacks, a guy's opinion may help but it won't dictate my grooming choices.

how do you handle it when a man gives his thoughts on your appearance?

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